Welcome HR Managers!

Forget Paper. Good-bye Spreadsheets.

After years of working side-by-side with our clients, our FREE software was designed to make their lives easier... MUCH easier.

With DCW as your insurance broker you can count on our experience, knowledge, and All-in-One HR Platform to streamline your efforts.

Never deal with the agony of paper and spreadsheets again.

Compare Benefits Quickly and Easily with Online Open Enrollment

Employees can login to their dashboard and look at all of their health insurance options, compare plans, and learn about each coverage. The cost is broken down by pay period to make decision making easier. Employers can track enrollment and run reports to ensure compliance with federal laws.

Stop Using Stacks of Paper to Track Employees and Complete Forms

Create digital orientation and onboarding packets that can be sent to every new hire. Include all of the forms and paperwork that employees need to fill out, and track what they have and have not completed. Now you can guarantee that every employee has completed all the necessary paperwork and forms, which makes ensuring ACA compliance easy!

Run Standard Reports...

Or with just a few clicks, you can compile dozens of customized reports using specific date ranges about all of your employees' activity. From enrollment status and payroll, to new hire and audit reports you can track all of your HR tasks in one dashboard with all the information you'll ever need right at your fingertips.

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