Insurance experts encourage Americans to hold tight as Congress works to repeal Affordable Care Act

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Written by: Kate Keller, Healthy Living Reporter

BOARDMAN, Ohio – January 4, 2017

While Republicans have made it clear they’ll repeal the Affordable Care Act, they admit their replacement plan is far from ready.

“The repeal could take a matter of months.  The replacement of the other hand is going to take a lot longer,” said Rob Gearhart with DCW Group.

Both Republicans and Democrats have long agreed the heathcare system needs fixed.  However, both sides have had their own ideas on how to accomplish that.  Even under the Affordable Care Act, changes have occurred.

“More carriers are pulling out of the market.  So, there are less options for people to choose from and that has created a problem for people,” said Amy Romano with R. Kashmiry and Associates. “So, the phrase four years ago, you can keep your doctor that’s not occuring.”

Individuals enrolled or considering enrolllment are encouraged to carry on as normal.  Rates and plans for 2017 were approved back in 2016.  Insurance carriers are working now on plans for 2018.

“When you are making a plan to address healthcare whether your are a business or an individual it is always good to follow the market.  What are the insurance companies doing and what are you providers doing? They are the ones with the greatest vested interest,” said Gearhart.

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