A New Age of Health Insurance Brokers

Anyone can quote a health insurance package.

We like to dig a little deeper. We offer services that help you better understand the health of your company and work hard to make sure you have a happy team and a happy wallet.

Healthcare Plan Evaluation

This covers the basic task of evaluating your current plan, industry, number of employees, category of employees and your financial and employee morale goals. Spreadsheets are the tip of the iceberg but they don't tell you what could end up sinking your ship!

Building a Strategy

We take the information from your evaluation and make new recommendations that are customized to your company or organization and include easy to digest reports showing where you can save money and improve your offering to employees.

Internal Integration

This all sounds great, but how will HR talk to Payroll? Within our strategy, we show you how we have embraced technology to seamlessly integrate the two departments, making life a heck of a lot easier for everyone.

Employee Morale

We understand the role that benefits and payroll can play on employee morale, especially if it’s been difficult in the past. We hold lunch and learns, provide consulting and make it easy for employees to manage their plans.


This is Not Working Out

Ever feel stuck with an insurance carrier or payroll provider because you know how much work it would be to switch? Those days are over. If someone isn't working out, we will break up with them for you and find a replacement. With our Employee Management System, that switch is fast and doesn’t create more work.

Non-Traditional Services

We not only offer traditional insurance broker solutions, we’ve gone one step further and offer non-insurance related services. Pet insurance, COBRA, Employee Management Systems, Payroll Integration and more.