Why DCW?

We work hard every day

…really hard.

We aren’t the same thing you already have

We set clear goals and if we don't deliver, fire us!

You’ve NEVER worked with a firm like ours

We are here to reset your expectations to a much higher level.

Legitimate Know-It-Alls

We embrace the insanity so you don't have to!

See how much money we can SAVE you

Internal Goal #1: See how much money we can SAVE you, not how much money we can MAKE. Best feeling ever.

We'll NEVER become like the other guys

Internal Goal #2: NEVER become like the other guys, i.e. get lazy and entitled.

We become an extension of your team

Available always to answer questions, host a lunch and learn or provide additional training any time.

We are a 3rd generation company

To us this means a lot personally, to you, it means we aren’t going anywhere and we have experience for miles.

WORKING WITH DCW > Corporate Health IQ

30 Minute Compatibility Call

We value your time.

Fact Finding Meeting

Sit back, relax, and answer questions. Our proprietary process is designed to paint the picture of HR and Employee Benefits at your company.

Corporate Health IQ Strategic Plan

We take what we’ve learned and present a comprehensive strategic plan that serves as a guide to our working relationship.

Full Fee Disclosure

Transparency in healthcare includes how and how much we are compensated. You’re making the investment in us and we deliver results in return.