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If we had to sum up our passion for what we do in one sentence, we would tell you we are on a mission to rescue companies from outdated methods being used by health insurance brokers, which is costing you time, money, hurting recruiting, increasing turn-over, and impacting employee morale.

We have embraced technology and relationships and the results have been great for everyone.

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If you always do what you've always done....

We know, your current broker has "strong carrier relationships" and touts their "excellent service."

Stop accepting the minimum standard!

HAPPY CLIENTS...Our Ultimate Reward

Shellie"As a new person to the HR role I was very fearful about what was going to happen with open enrollment. Moving to the online system made it simple. It’s quick to enroll people, it’s quick to unenroll people… it’s the click of a button and half your work is done for you." Shellie, Potential Development Program
Laurie-Kleeh-Ohop-Sport-and-Spine-Institute3"The process was very easy and DCW was very helpful. We were able to file quickly with no errors." Laurie, Ohio Sport and Spine Institute
Lisa-Durban2"We've seen a lot of changes in healthcare, and DCW is extremely knowledgeable and quick to communicate." Lisa, Valley Electrical Consolidated
Shelly-Magni-Commercial-Metal-Forming2"DCW made the process so smooth. What I thought was going to be hours of work turned out to be minutes ." Shelly, Commercial Metal Forming
Tina-Yanssens-Iron-City-Wood-Products2"DCW was very proactive instead of reactive as the rules were changing. So, it's been nice for someone to guide me through the process." Tina, Iron City Wood Products